Nadege Lagarde

CNRS researcher, currently based at the institut UTINAM, in Besançon, France.

  • Education

2012       PhD in Astrophysics and Astronomy, University of Geneva, Observatoire de l’Université de Genève, Switzerland
Supervisor: Prof. Corinne Charbonnel
2008 Master in Astrophysics and Physics of Corpuscles
University of Bordeaux 1, France


Oct. 2018 CNRS Researcher (permanent), Institut UTINAM - Besançon, France
2018 INSU Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut UTINAM - Besançon, France
2016-2018   CNES Researcher Fellow, Institut UTINAM - Besançon, France
2013-2016 Marie-Curie and “Early-Postdoc mobility" Researcher Fellow,
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
2012 SNFS Researcher, Geneva observatory, University of Geneva, Switzerland
2008-2012 PhD Researcher assistant, Geneva observatory, University of Geneva, Switzerland


2019  IAU Grant allocation IAUS 357, as PI
2019  "Chrysalide" Fellowship from the University of Franche Comté , as PI
2016-2018  CNES postdoctoral Fellowship , as PI
2014-2015 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship - call : FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF, as PI
2013 Early Postdoc Mobility Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, as PI


MODELS DEVELOPMENTS - Developer of the Stellar evolution code STAREVOL
- Developer of the Besançon Population synthesis model of the Galaxy
OBSERVATIONAL PROGRAMS - PI of the observational program at the North Optical Telescope:
"Carbon isotopic ratio in seismic red giants: the missing piece of the mixing puzzle" - 2018A - allocated time
- PI of the observational proposal at the North Optical Telescope 2019A, allocated time
COLLABORATIONS - Member of the STAREVOL development team
- Member of Gaia-ESO collaboration
- Member of SDSS-IV APOGEE collaboration
- Member of Red Giant CoRoT collaboration
- Member of APOKASC/APOK2 consortia, a collaboration between the Kepler asteroseismic science consortium (KASC) and the SDSS-IV APOGEE survey
- Member of the ASTEROSTEP collaboration, and Leader of the working group on "Signatures of extra mixing in the stellar interior"
- Key Personnel in the PLATO consortium
  WP-121200: « the transport processes in the stellar evolution models »
  WP-127100: « Stellar models of evolved stars »
  WP-127200: « Seismic diagnostics for evolved stars »
- Member of the WEAVE sciences team
THIN THANK PROPOSALS - Members think thank group on "the future of VLT 2020", Florence, 2019
- 2018-2019 - ISSI team «Gaia-BGM Exploiting Gaia data with the Besançon population synthesis model for understanding our Galaxy evolution »
- PI of the project « Reconstructing the Milky Way’s History with spectroscopy, asteroseismology and photometry », financed by the french national programs of stellar physics and galactic physics (allocated in 2017, and in 2018).
PEER-REVIEWING Astrophysical Journal, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan
CONFERENCES ORGANISATIONS - 2019 - Members of the Scientific Organizing committee for the annual meeting of the SF2A
- 2018 - Organiser of the meeting around the STAREVOL code
- 2018 - PI of the workshop « Synergies of large surveys to understand stars » at the Annual meeting 2018 of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics
- 2009 Members of the Local Organising Committee for the IAU symposium 268 « Light elements in the Universe »
PANEL MEMBER 2019- 2021 - Member of the W&T8 panel the W&T8 panel of the FWO, Belgium
LOCAL RESPONSABILITIES 2016-Elected member of the Scientific Council of the OSU-THETA

2017-2018 Member of the UTINAM Council
NATIONAL RESPONSABILITIES 2018-2022 Elected member of the Council of the French society of Astronomy and Astrophysics - Sciences-Women Correspondent


2019      Collaboration with journalists for the exhibition at the Fabrika Sciences, Besançon
2019      Journal en direct "GRAND FORMAT Atomes savamment organisés : Les éléments chimiques sont au cœur de nombreuses recherches…"
2013-2015      Open days at the University of Birmingham - Contributions to the outreach posters at the University of Birmingham
2008-2012      Open days at the University of Geneva - Visits, monthly public observations and communication to the public