Symplectic map description of Halley's comet dynamics (Supplementary material)

G. Rollin, P. Haag, J. Lages

Supplementary material associated with Fig. 3 left panel.

Joint animation of the kick function shape $f_i(x_i)$ (gray thick line on right panel) and its peak amplitude ${f_i}_{max}$ (gray thick line on left panel) for successive pericenter distances $q/a_i$. The red line (the blue line) shows the maximum amplitude of the Keplerian contribution (rotating dipole contribution). The vertical line on the left panel scans the pericenter distances $q/a_i$. Pauses in the animation occur when pericenter distance $q/a_i$ matches with relative positions of Solar system planets. On that scale Uranus and Neptune relative positions are not shown.