Ranking of universities from Japan in 2017 Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities using PageRank algorithm [WPRWU]

Theta_PR = Theta PageRank score (see [WPRWU]) / Na = Number of appearances in the 24 Wikipedia editions
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Rank Rank in WPRWU Theta_PR Na University
13085118University of Tokyo
2663316Kyoto University
3732895Waseda University
4961993Keio University
51061843Meiji University
61421232Nihon University
71671102Chuo University
81711082Hokkaido University
91801032Tohoku University
10240912University of Tsukuba
11243911Hosei University
12280871Osaka University
13305841Ritsumeikan University
14315831Kyushu University
15329811Hitotsubashi University
16347791Nagoya University
17362771Rikkyo University
18370761Doshisha University
19389741Sophia University
20392731Aoyama Gakuin University
21402721Tokyo Institute of Technology
22411711Tokai University
23418701Chiba University
24431691Hiroshima University
25438682Nanzan University
26442681Kobe University
27451671The Open University of Japan
28479641Kansai University
29493621Kwansei Gakuin University
30510601Toyo University
31516591Gakushuin University
32528581Kindai University
33561541Komazawa University
34579521Okayama University
35593501Osaka City University
36615471Kanazawa University
37628453United Nations University
38631451Ochanomizu University
39636441Ryukoku University
40644431Takushoku University
41657421Meiji Gakuin University
42687391Saitama University
43696381Teikyo University
44705371Tokyo Gakugei University
45716351Kyoto Sangyo University
46723341Kumamoto University
47752311Niigata University
48758301Kokushikan University
49765291Kanagawa University
50775281Tamagawa University
51783271Tokyo Metropolitan University
52809251Shinshu University
53812241Chukyo University
54824231University of the Ryukyus
55830221Shizuoka University
56850201Seijo University
57876171Daito Bunka University
58892151Rissho University
59900141Seikei University
6093391Kagoshima University
6194481Tokyo Medical and Dental University
6295071Nagasaki University
6396061J. F. Oberlin University
6497051Fukuoka University
6598041Osaka Prefecture University
6698731Dokkyo University
67100021Yamagata University