Ranking of universities from Hungary in 2017 Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities using PageRank algorithm [WPRWU]

Theta_PR = Theta PageRank score (see [WPRWU]) / Na = Number of appearances in the 24 Wikipedia editions
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Rank Rank in WPRWU Theta_PR Na University
11861001Eötvös Loránd University
2190991Budapest University of Technology and Economics
3196981University of Szeged
4207961University of Pécs
5213951University of Debrecen
6219941Corvinus University of Budapest
7238921Semmelweis University
8255901University of Miskolc
9320831University of West Hungary
10335811Szent István University
11353781Eszterházy Károly University
12375761University of Pannonia
13408711Budapest Business School
14422701Sapientia University
15428691Budapest Metropolitan University
16450671Óbuda University
17461661Széchenyi István University
18467651Central European University
19489631University of Kaposvár
20630451Andrássy University Budapest
21678401University of Dunaújváros