Ranking of universities from Brazil in 2017 Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities using PageRank algorithm [WPRWU]

Theta_PR = Theta PageRank score (see [WPRWU]) / Na = Number of appearances in the 24 Wikipedia editions
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Rank Rank in WPRWU Theta_PR Na University
11381292University of São Paulo
2227931Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
3272881University of Brasília
4291861University of Campinas
5313831Federal University of Minas Gerais
6324821Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
7430691Federal University of Bahia
8447671Federal University of Pernambuco
9460661São Paulo State University
10472651Rio de Janeiro State University
11485631Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo
12508601Federal University of Viçosa
13537571Federal University of Santa Catarina
14567531Fluminense Federal University
15575521Federal University of Paraná
16621461Federal University of Paraíba
17709361Federal University of Uberlândia
18780271Federal University of Ceará
19794261Federal University of ABC
20803251Federal University of São Paulo
21924101Escola Politécnica da UFRJ
2295761Federal University of São Carlos