Annie C. ROBIN

Directrice de recherche 1C, CNRS

Research team: Theoretical physics and astrophysics (PhAs)

Member of the french society of Astronomy and Astrophysics : SF2A

Member of IAU commission 33

Actively preparing the GAIA space mission, in the Data Processing and Analysis Consortium DPAC (Mypage)

Proposition of training for master 2 students in astrophysics, 2011: Milky Way: the bulge/bar controversy
PhD thesis subject 2011-2014: "Towards a dynamically self-consistent evolutionary model of the Milky Way via Gaia data", thesis financed by the european ITN GREAT
41 bis avenue de l'Observatoire
BP 1615
F-25010 Besançon cedex
(+33) 03 81 66 69 41
(+33) 03 81 66 69 36
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internet : robin[@]

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